After Hours

AFTER HOURS — a video installation by Sandra Halpin


Immersion of Color and Sound____________________________________

After Hours is an abstract immersion installation designed to make the viewer experience the shift that occurs in awareness when concentrating intensely on sound versus the visual. The audio aspect of the piece is an excursion through the junk yard of “useless things” where the viewer hears a variety of sounds — some recognizable, some questionably so — ranging from loud metal crashes and raven squawks, to tiny, clear tinks and squeaks and creaks of unknown objects.

At the same time, a flat-screen, high-definition TV at the back of the room flashes bright, ever-changing color fields directly at the viewer, immersing the room itself in the same bright shades. Three mirrors at the front end of the room help reflect and refract the colored light, and provide visual interest by fracturing the reflections into slices from both inside and outside of the installation room.

The curious aspect to this experiential piece is that while the viewer is listening intensely to the sound track, their attention shifts away from the visuals, despite how strong the colors are. They then shift back to the colors, and the awareness of the sound diminishes again.

On a continuous loop, the piece is very meditative, as well — especially for anyone who truly loves color and sound.

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