gallery shot of Useless Things exhibition

Useless Things & Other Stuff by Sandra Halpin. 2012


Meltdown: We're all doing the very best we can under the circumstancesUseless Things & Other Stuff by Sandra Halpin is an exhibition of video and sculpture installations, shown at the Fine Arts Gallery at the Santa Fe University of Art & Design.

The main works delve into the idea of useful vs. uselessness, and offer examples of what constitutes a successful or a failed “repurposing” of things from the trash heap, into either new functional uses, or as objects of beauty. The exhibition also explores the relationship of objects to their images as objects, as seen in today’s myriad forms of media.

Each individual object or video in the exhibition connects to at least one other, either materially or conceptually, creating an overall sense of cohesiveness. And although each piece in the show can stand alone, together they create an immersive experience of sound and visuals in a carnival atmosphere that is more than the collection of the individual works.


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