Meltdown: We’re All . . .


Meltdown: We’re all doing the very best we can under the circumstances, is a sculptural installation consisting of 44 plaster-covered forms, each with a bright pink pingpong ball on top, sprawled out from the wall in loose formation on the gallery floor.


The forms originate from large-size plastic PomPom (pomegranate) juice bottles, which are featured in the main video, Useless Things. The installation is an ode to the recession, and references, among other things, melting snowmen (global warming) and a failed (useless) carnival ball-toss game (where the balls don’t fit through the opening).┬áThe hot pink balls activate the pristine white plaster forms, adding to the lively “carnival” atmosphere of the overall exhibition.

Each form is individually numbered and signed, x/44, and available for sale for $50.

[IMAGES TO FOLLOW SHORTLY]photo image of plaster snowmen" installation on gallery floor

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