PEARLS — by Sandra Halpin


From Trash Heap to Gallery Wall______________________________________________

In keeping with the ‘Useless Things‘ theme, Pearls is a sculptural installation made out of materials featured in the exhibit’s main video. Created from rusty mattress springs and white pingpong balls that appear luminous under the spot lights, Pearls is as much about the shadows it projects on the wall, as it is about the physical sculptural form.

Despite it’s trash-heap origins, Pearls is one of the more elegant pieces in the exhibition. One set of springs leans vertically against the wall at the top, and arcs gently outward. The 2nd set lies horizontally beside it, with a gentle twist, reminiscent of a classic nude pose. The white balls add solid circles of shadow to the grid of coiled shadow lines on the wall from the mattress springs.

Pearls is a timeline of sorts:  from its useful origins as a bed, to its uselessness in the junk pile, to its resurrection as useful in a new respect — for its sheer, classic beauty of line and form.


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